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Standard ITS Web Support Service Level Agreement 2013/14 [Draft]

General Overview

Service Description

Roles and Responsibilities

Requesting Service

Hours of Coverage, Response Times and Complaint Resolution

Maintenance and Service Changes

Reviewing and Reporting


1. General Overview

General Overview: 

The purpose of this document is to establish a two-way understanding between the HSU campus community and Information Technology Services (ITS) regarding the web support services available through ITS. The document lays out the practices regarding web support which ITS will follow. These practices are intended to yield a high quality, reliable web experience for eligible members of the campus community.

2. Service Description

This Service Level Agreement specifically describes the web support services provided by ITS. The full range of services provided by ITS to each campus audience - students, staff, faculty, alumni - is described at ITS Services. 

2.1 Scope

This Service Level Agreement applies to the ITS web site and sites representing departments in the following divisions:

  • Student Affairs
  • Administrative Affairs

Support is provided by the most efficient method available. Currently, email is the recommended approach, but assistance may also be obtained via the technology help desk.

2.2 Services

Web support services include:

2.2.1 Initial Consultation

  • Meeting with content sponsors to determine their requirements

2.2.2 Design and Construction

  • Construction of draft pages/site
  • Collection, review, and implementation of sponsor's feedback as appropriate

2.2.3 Deployment and Upkeep

  • Posting the pages/site to the appropriate HSU web server
  • Posting new content and making edits to existing content as requested by the sponsor

2.2.4 Drupal Migration

  • Construction of site
  • Moving existing content to Drupal
  • Providing training in maintaining site content

3. Roles and Responsibilities

Roles and Responsibilities: 

3.1 ITS Responsibilities

ITS will provide the infrastructure, technology, personnel, processes, and monitoring tools necessary to deliver web support as described in this document, and commits to:

  • Meeting response times associated with the priority assigned to individual service requests.
  • In the case of ITS services and supporting documentation, develop content following the appropriate ITS template and upload to the appropriate area of the ITS site using information provided by the content sponsor.
  • In the case of non-ITS content, post content provided by content sponsor to the appropriate area of the HSU web site as agreed with the content sponsor.

3.2 User Responsibilities

User responsibilities in support of this Agreement include:

  • Using the standard contact methods (see Section 4 below) to request web support services
  • Providing content that complies with CSU and HSU policies and guidelines, including but not limited to the HSU and CSU Information security policies and guidelines.
  • Reviewing draft web pages in a timely fashion.
  • Reviewing page content for which they are responsible at least once each calendar year and communicating any required updates or new content to ITS in a timely fashion.

3.3 Support Limitations

4. Requesting Service

Requesting Service: 

4.1 Web Support Requests

HSU provides two primary ways to submit web support requests.

4.1.1 Email

Sending email to is the recommended method for requesting web support assistance. The request will be delivered to all members of the Technical Communications team, ensuring that it is reviewed promptly. Unless designated urgent, requests made via email will be processed in the order in which they are received during normal hours of operation.

4.1.2 Technology Help Desk

Users may also submit requests for assistance with web issues via the Technology Help Desk. Requests submitted via this channel will be automatically associated with your department and campus contact information, and you can keep track of your ticket's progress directly on the helpdesk website. Requests made via the web are processed during normal hours of operation.

Urgent support requests may be made by telephone to x4214, x5082, or 4204. Messages left during off hours will be processed the next business day.

The ITS Project Office emphasizes the importance of meeting with web content sponsors face-to-face, both before and after sites have been deployed. ITS Technical Communication team members are located in the Project Office and in the SBS building; please call or email for an appointment.

5. Hours of Coverage, Response Times and Complaint Resolution

Hours of Coverage, Response Times and Complaint Resolution: 

5.1 Hours of Coverage

Web content support is provided by the ITS Technical Communications Team Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm, on regular campus business days.

5.2 Response Times

ITS will use the following guidelines to prioritize web support requests, with the goal of beginning to work on the problem within the target timeframe. Actual response times may be shorter or longer, depending on the volume of requests being handled at any one time. 

Response Time

Time-sensitive content

New content or revisions to existing content of a time-sensitive nature.

Example: A document needs to be posted so that its URL can be included in a President's Office mass mailing later the same day.

4 business hours

General content changes

General content changes.

Example: An updated PDF form needs to be posted.

Within 1 business day

Added functionality requests

Adding site functionality.

Example: A contact form needs to be created and posted on an existing site. 

Within 3 business days

Depending on the complexity of the requested added functionality, a meeting to discuss project timeline may be necessary. This will be scheduled within 3 business days.

Web project consultancy

Project-related discussions

Example: The user knows what they want to achieve on their web page/site but is unsure of the tools and expertise required to meet that goal.

Meeting will be scheduled to determine project process and timeline within 3 business days


5.3 Escalation

Any user not satisfied with the level of service related to a web support request should contact the Director of Information Services, who will review your input and respond to you with the action taken.

5.4 Other Requests

Requests not covered in the scope of this service can be submitted through and will be referred on to the appropriate individual(s).

6. Maintenance and Service Changes

Maintenance and Service Changes: 

6.1 Web Content Maintenance

The Technical Communications Team accepts requests for web content updates and revisions through the channels listed above under Section 4: Requesting Service.

6.2 Web Service Changes

From time to time, the platform or other software used in the construction and maintenance of websites for which the ITS Technical Communications Team has responsibility may change. The team's skills will be kept up-to-date to encompass these changes.

8. Reviewing and Reporting

8.1 Performance Reporting

The following annual performance and availability reports will be published for review:

  • Response metrics between request and completion

8.2 SLA Reviews

The Designated Review Owner (“Document Owner”) is responsible for facilitating regular reviews of this document. Contents of this document may be amended as required, provided mutual agreement is obtained from the primary stakeholders and communicated to all affected parties.

Designated Review Owner: Bethany Rizzardi, Director of Information Srvices
Previous Review Date: xx/xx/xx
Next Review Date: xx/xx/xx

This Agreement is posted to the following location and made accessible to all stakeholders:


9. Approvals


The Divisional Liaisons, ITS Senior Managers and Vice Presidents approve this document. This document is then published on the ITS website, along with other service level agreements. Service level information is integrated into the relevant service page(s) in the ITS Service Catalog.