Software :: Acquisition Policy

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Policy relating to the acquisition of software for use in the Interdisciplinary Computer Labs is documented in University Management Letter 84-3.

Following are the most important take-aways from that policy document:

  • Zero Piracy Tolerance - Copyrighted or licensed software may not be copied except for the purposes of backup and storage.
  • Choose Free Over Fee Where Feasible - If what you need to do can be accomplished with public domain software, you're encouraged to take that route, taking into account the likely support needs.
  • Check for Volume Discounts - If you do need to purchase commercial software, make sure you take advantage of all available volume and academic discounts from the vendor.
  • License Must Cover All Lab Computers - When you license software for use in an Interdisciplinary Computing Lab, you must acquire a license for every computer in that lab; this is a requirement for all interdisciplinary labs. If additional computers are added to the lab after the software has been licensed, the software license must be extended to cover those additional computers.

If you wish to review the entire policy document, please contact the President's office.