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Lab & Smart Classroom Software Request

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Software Requests

Purchase of NEW software is the responsibility of the individual departments. You must provide proof of licensing and the software installation media before the software can be installed. 

Standard Software does not need to be requested. The list of Standard Software installed in Interdisciplinary facilities can be found at www.humboldt.edu/its/labs-softwarelist, and the list of Standard Software installed in Smart Classrooms can be found at www.humboldt.edu/its/smartclassrooms-software. Departmental labs and classrooms may have a different set of standard software. It's best to check with your ITC if you have a question.

Deadlines are May 11 (Summer), June 1 (Fall Semester) and November 15 (Spring Semester).

Requests for vlab software should meet the following requirements:

  1. Software is licensed for use in a virtual environment.
  2. Vendor has instructions for running in a virtual environment, specifically Citrix Xenapp (so we know how to install it.)
  3. Vendor has silent/unattended install option, and steps to disable nag/register/etc. screens (so we CAN install it, and it doesn't bother everyone who opens it)
  4. Software runs on Server 2008 R2 64-bit (so we know it's compatible with the vlab operating system.)

All fields marked with a red asterisk are mandatory. Multiple software titles (up to 4) can be submitted at once; click Additional Software Request at the bottom of the screen.