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Your system has passed all the required compliance tests and you now have access to the HSU networks.

A few things to bear in mind

Any network, wired or wireless, is only as secure as its weakest link. And that weakest link is almost always a person. By using the few simple guidelines below, you'll avoid being the weakest link on the HSU network.

  • Don't send unencrypted personal information over the network. Gmail, HSU's email standard, uses SSL encryption, but other email systems may not be so secure, so we block unsecured SMTP (email) traffic. Learn more about encryption
  • Don't post personal information on unencrypted web pages. Check for a "lock" icon in the lower right-hand corner of the screen and the prefix "https://" instead of the usual "http://" in the address bar. Most banks and other financial institutions, and some commercial sites, will present you with an SSL-protected web page before they accept your login name and password or other sensitive information. But if they don't, please avoid sending such information over the HSU network.
  • Certain ports are disabled for wireless access to protect confidential information stored on the HSU network. If for any reason you need a particular port to be enabled for wireless access, please contact your local ITC (staff and faculty) or the Technology Help Desk (anyone).
  • Please download our pocket-sized Prepare Your Mobile Devices to Prevent Loss guide, which explains how to protect your accounts and prevent device theft, as well as the use of GPS tracking software to recover lost devices. Get more information on securing your mobile device

And remember - if any element of your device falls out of compliance with HSU's wireless access policy, that device will be quarantined from the network until you've resolved the issue.

If you have questions about HSU's network security policy, please contact the HSU Information Security Office at (707) 826-3815.