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System Status

System Status

The information on this page shows the current status of all Humboldt State University central systems. You can also view the regular maintenance schedule, as well as specific upcoming maintenance events. All ITS systems changes follow the HSU Enterprise Change Control process.

System status information is also available by contacting the Help Desk at 707 826-HELP (4357),

If you would like to receive an email alert whenever a system status update is posted, you can join the Systat group:
1. Visit
2. Click "Join this group" in the right-hand column
3. Set your email preferences and click "Join this group"

An information hotline for Humboldt State University campus is available at 707 826-INFO (4636). Call this number for information about campus emergencies, building closures, and other conditions that may affect the normal operation of the University.

View HSU Peak Business Cycles

System Name Status Issue start Estimated resolution time Who is affected Updated datesort ascending
Google Apps - Mail Degraded Service 07-28-16 08-02-16 People connecting to email using the imap protocol 08-02-16
Account Settings Degraded Service 08-01-16 08-02-16 About 300 people who's passwords expired early Monday morning. 08-02-16
Campus Data Network Available 08-01-16 08-01-16 Library data network 08-01-16
Campus Data Network Available 08-01-16 08-01-16 It is possible that Network Users at Science A will lose network connectivity - both wired and wireless. 08-01-16
Campus Phone System Available 08-01-16 08-01-16 Campus Telephone Users 08-01-16
Pharos Pay-For-Print Planned Outage 08-02-16 08-02-16 Pay for print customers 08-01-16
Other Available 07-31-16 07-31-16 UPD 07-31-16
Other Available 07-31-16 07-31-16 All users 07-31-16
Other Available 07-29-16 07-29-16 Servers located in VMH Datacenter 07-29-16
Other Available 07-28-16 07-28-16 Web services that rely on shibboleth to login. 07-28-16