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Mailing Lists :: University Notices

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In support of campus efforts to reduce paper waste, University Computing Services has established a email service which will allow authorized HSU account owners (for student submission,see note below) to contribute to weekly email updates sent to all faculty and/or staff and/or students with valid HSU email accounts. Only messages that constitute official university business and special university events will be accepted for inclusion. Messages that do not have campus-wide significance will not be published. Messages must be in keeping with the CSU Responsible Use Policy.

Each University Notice item is limited to three 50-character lines of text and an optional link to additional information about the item on the web. 

News and announcements are sent out in a bulletin format on a weekly basis; urgent messages may be sent out immediately by special permission on an as-needed basis. Each Department is limited to two messages per week for news and announcements; if any department submits more than two items in a given week, only the first two will be published.

A Note on Student Announcements:

Students who wish to submit an item to the weekly University Notices mailing first need to obtain approval from the Clubs Office at (707) 826-3776. After initial approval, the request will be reviewed by University Computing Services. If the request meets the appropriate guidelines, the item will be included in the weekly University Notices mailing. Please allow 2-3 days before the Thursday deadline for the required authorizations.

Weekly News and Announcements

The deadline for submitting an item for inclusion is 12:00 noon on Thursday. Requests submitted after the deadline will not be accepted. There is a limit of two news and announcements requests per week for each university department.

Critical Immediate-Send Messages

Messages concerning emergencies and other critical events will be published immediatelyon approval by the President, a Vice President, the Chief Information Officer, the Chief of Police, the Information Security Officer, the Associate Vice President of Facilities Management or the Director and Information Officers of Public Affairs. These messages must be consistent with campus policy as agreed by the Executive Committee in February 2006.

Submitting Items for Publication

To submit an item for publication, complete the University Notices Request Form. For security purposes, the form requires s special username and password separate from your HSU User Name and Password before access can be granted. If you wish to use this service, send your request by email to unotices@humboldt.edu for review. If authorized, you will be provided with access to the form.