Virtual Lab (VLab) :: Android Devices

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Follow the instructions below to connect to the HSU Virtual Lab (VLab) on your Android device.

Step 1: From your Android device (example screenshots are from a Droid X2), go to the Marketplace. Search for and download the Citrix Receiver.

Tap Citrix Receiver

Step 2: Tap Download.

 Click Download

Step 3: Tap Accept & download.

Click Accept and Download

Step 4: Tap Open.

Click Open

Step 5: Tap Set up my enterprise apps: Depending on your device, you may see one or another of the screens below. Tap the appropriate command to move on.

Click Set up my enterprise apps

 Step 6: At the Add Account screen, type in the Address box. Then Tap Next.

Type the click Next

Step 7: Type in your HSU User Name and Password in the Username and Password boxes. Type in Domain (hsu-ad). The default description is Then Tap Add.

Type in User Name, Domain name hsu-ad

Step 8: Tap on

Tap on

Step 9: Enter your HSU password, then Tap Connect.

Type in HSU password, then Tap Connect

Step 10: Password saving is disabled. Click OK. (You may or may not see this screen after you type your password in.)

Tap OK

Step 11: You are now in the HSU Virtual Lab and should see a list of apps displayed. Tap on an app to open and use it.

List of Apps displayed

Step 12: When you're finished with your VLab session, press the Back button located at the bottom of the device (or whichever button on your device allows you to Exit). At the Confirm Exit screen, Tap OK.

Tap OK

Step 13: To re-enter the VLab in the future, just open your Apps and Tap on the Citrix icon.

Citrix icon