Virtualized Lab (VLab) :: Macintosh

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Follow the instructions below to connect to the HSU Virtualized Lab (VLab).

Step 1: In a web browser, go to



Step 2: Enter your HSU User Name and password and click Log On.

Step 3: If you've already installed the Citrix ICA client (you'll have to do this the first time you access, skip to Step 6. Otherwise, click Download.

Click Download

Step 4: Firefox users will need to double-click the disk image Citrixonlineplug-in_web11_2.dmg in your Downloads folder. For Safari users, the file should open automatically; note, however, that if you've unchecked the default "Open safe files after downloading" (under Preferences > General), you will need to double-click the disk image in your Downloads folder to open it.

Step 5: Double-click to install Citrix Online Plug-in.pkg.

Install Citrix Online Plug-in

Step 6: At the Welcome to the Citrix Online Plug-in Installer screen, click Continue.

Click Continue

Step 7: For the Software License Agreement, click Continue.

Click Continue

Step 8: To accept the license terms, click Agree.

Click to Agree to terms

Step 9:  To install Citrix plug-in, click Install.

Step 10: At the Installation was successfuly completed screen, click Close.

Installation Successful screen

Step 11: Safari users will see the Citrix Application screen display below:

Step 12: Click on any application to open and start using it.

Step 13: When you have finished your VLab session, click Log Off or Disconnect

Citrix logged off screen