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While the new OneBox voicemail system has been configured to largely replicate the functionality of the old Octel system, there are a few differences. The table below outlines both the new features and those which function differently in the new system. Refer to the Quick Reference Guide for more information on accessing and using these functions.

Function What's Different
Message Waiting Indicator (MWI or MEW) light If your phone has a Message Waiting Indicator light, it will only go out after you've listened to and acted on all new messages and have hung up.
Search directory for name when sending a message In Send Message, enter the first three or more letters of the person's last name to find their mailbox number.
Saved Messages If you have both New and Saved Messages, you can choose to listen to either or both categories of message. Saved Messages will remain saved for 30 days or until you delete them. If you want to keep saved messages beyond 30 days, you'll need to make them "new" again by forwarding them to yourself and then re-saving them (or by recording them off voicemail onto an external device such as an MP3 player).
Identifying messages from off-campus callers If you want to locate messages from off-campus callers without going through all your new messages, press 3 from the main voicemail menu to locate messages and then press 2 to select From Outside Callers.
Personal Distribution Lists Personal Distribution Lists can no longer be set up by individual voicemail users. You'll need to work with your Key Advisor to complete a Telecommunications Service Request Form. TNS will need to know who can post messages to the list (all voicemail users/all members of the distribution list/selected extensions/list owner). Once the list is set up, you can add and delete names on the list as needed. There is no charge for this service.
Transfer call directly to a voicemail To transfer a call directly to someone's voicemail box, while the caller is on the line dial the voicemail access number (x6999), press *9 when the system answers, enter extension number and press #, then hit the transfer button on your phone and hang up.
Shared extensions and shared mailboxes If you share a voicemail box, you'll access your voicemail using the mailbox number directly, rather than using the extension number then a second number for your voicemail box number. Also, if you move to a new office with a new shared extension, your mailbox number will stay the same.
Extended Absence/Out of Office settings Unlike the old Extended Absence function, when the OneBox Out-of-Office greeting is set, it doesn't automatically tell callers they can't leave a message. So you need to include this information in your greeting (along with when you'll be back and who callers should talk to in your absence).
Unconfigured mailboxes If you haven't yet configured your mailbox, callers can still leave you messages. Of course, you'll need to configure the mailbox before you can retrieve those messages.