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Humboldt State University has three main web servers, each of which serves a different purpose for the campus and community:

Note: No confidential information (Social Security Numbers, grades, dates of birth, medical/health records, etc.) may be collected or stored on the HSU web servers. Learn more about how HSU protects confidential information.

Central Web Server

The HSU Central Web server hosts all official department and official University sites. The server is for departmental websites and initiatives that support the University's public image and facilitate the recruitment of students, staff, faculty, and donors. Campus club sites are also hosted on this server. All sites hosted on this server must meet the HSU accessibility guidelines.

User Web Server

With an account on the User Web server, you can develop your own personal web site. It is your responsibility to learn how to design and maintain your site. Faculty sites on this server must meet the HSU accessibility guidelines.

Moodle Web Server

Moodle is HSU's Learning Management System (LMS). Moodle makes it easy for faculty to post course information, conduct class discussions, create assignments, take attendance, and hold and grade exams online. Courses are set up automatically 6-8 weeks before the first day of class. Faculty do not need to know how to build a web site to use Moodle; content is added through the use of intuitive online forms, and files created in Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and other programs can be added directly into the system.