Web :: Becoming a Web Developer

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If you need to developan official website, you'll need to follow this process.

  1. Take the ATI Training Survey
  2. Be Assigned as a Developer

Note: If you are a contractor and do not have an HSU User Name and Password, the site owner will need to request an account for you. To do this, they should complete the Account Request Form, selecting "University Contractor" as the account type.


1. Take the ATI Training Survey

To be a site developer, you must first take the Accessibility Training Initiative (ATI) Survey. This will ensure that you are aware of accessibility issues and know where to go for additional resources.


  1. Complete the ATI survey
    For detailed information about ATI training, see ATI Compliance.

It may take a few hours for Account Settings to recognize that you have completed the ATI survey. You'll receive an email letting you know your status has been updated.


2.  Be Assigned as a Developer

Before you can start work on a site - you must request access to the site or the site owner must assign you to his or her site. To request access:


  1. Log in to myHumboldt
  2. Select Account Settings in the top right-hand corner
  3. Select the Requests tab
  4. Select the Request Access tab
  5. Section 1 - Select a user - check the box to Include Self
  6. Section 2 - Select resources and permissions
    1. For System: click drop down arrow and select Official website
    2. For Request:: select Add a developer
    3. Locate the site you want. You can click on the Name heading to change the sort order. If you prefer to search for the site name, select Search in the System drop down.
    4. Click once to place check mark next to the site
    5. Click Continue 
  7. Section 3 Specify access period if needed
    1. If the access is only needed temporarily: Enter end date
  8. Section 4 - Click Submit request

The site owner will receive an email requesting their approval. Once they've approved and access has been granted, you'll be notified via email and can connect to your site. Be sure to read about using the development server for site development and testing.