Web :: Connecting to the Central Web Server

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Before you can publish information to your site on the HSU Central Web server, you must first activate your account. Once that's done, your site will be available for development at http://www.humboldt.edu/<sitename>.

Logging In

You must be an assigned developer for a site in order to be able to edit a site; site owners are automatically given permission to publish to the site. 

Official websites are accessed using your HSU User Name and Password; no special password associated with the sitename is required. Drupal is available as a campus-wide web publishing platform, or you can use secure file transfer protocol (sftp) or a web publishing application such as Dreamweaver to upload content to your site.

If you're using Drupal as your site platform, uploading content is simply a matter of selecting the file to upload and clicking the upload button.To use sftp or Dreamweaver, follow the instructions below to connect to your site.


SFTP Connection Instructions

Connect to the server with your SFTP client at www-dev.humboldt.edu (development server) or www2.humboldt.edu (production server)  with your HSU User Name and Password. Your site will show up as a folder (link). Click on the appropriate link below for system-specific sftp instructions.

Dreamweaver Connection Instructions

Connect to the Central Web server at http://www2.humboldt.edu using your HSU User Name and Password, and then to the host directory at sitename/public_html.

Check "Use Secure FTP" and follow the on-screen instructions to upload your files.

For more information, visit the Adobe website.

Additional Tools and Resources

Check out additional development tools such as MySQL, Drupal, Google Analytics, and Form Processing that HSU makes available to enhance your website.