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Every Blackboard Collaborate session will have a moderator, who is in the driver's seat for the session, and participants, who may be other faculty or staff, or may be students. For teaching purposes, the moderator will generally be faculty, and for training and professional development purposes, the moderator will generally be staff or a guest speaker. How you begin the process of preparing for a session will be different depending on which role you are taking.


If you are moderating a Blackboard Collaborate session, appropriate content preparation and session structure will be key to the success of the session. Before you even launch the software, think through the kind of experience you want to provide and the level of interaction you want session participants to have, then plan out a storyboard for the session.

You can also choose to create your session in Moodle. Contact Moodle Support for more information on activating Blackboard Collaborate within a Moodle course. An instructional video is also available:

Camera Icon Video on Using Blackboard Collaborate with Moodle
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Note that when you activate Blackboard Collaborate from within a Moodle course, both you and your students will automatically have access to the software; there's no need to download or log into the application separately from Moodle.

It's a good idea to run a test session with colleagues first, to ensure every element - from invitation to post-session feedback - is working smoothly. If you have the time, you will also find it helpful to review the participant training.

Here are the steps to get your session up and running:

Participants and Guest Speakers:

  • Complete the one-time set-up process on the computer you plan to use for the session.
  • Review the Blackboard Collaborate Participant Orientation materials.
  • Join the session, using the link provided in the invitation, at least 15 minutes before the session start time
  • Run the audio set-up wizard to ensure the audio channel is working correctly, or dial into the teleconference phone number if audio is handled using the phone system.