Web Conferencing :: Teleconferencing with Blackboard Collaborate

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HSU's AT&T Reservationless Teleconferencing Service can be used in conjunction with Blackboard Collaborate, HSU's web conferencing system, to provide an alternative to the computer and web-based audio channel commonly used for web conferences. It's a useful alternative to have when data lines get overloaded with presentation materials or a very large number of people is attending an online meeting.

Once you have your Blackboard account, we strongly recommend you configure your meeting scheduler in Blackboard Collaborate to use your department's teleconference account information (available from your Key Advisor) as follows. Click on the Default Fields link in the left navigation to display the default settings configuration screen.

Moderator Phone XXX-XXX-XXXX (Area Code-Prefix-Number)
Moderator PIN YYYYYYY#*ZZZZ# (YYYYYYY = Access Code, ZZZZ = Host Password)
Participant Phone XXX-XXX-XXXX (Same as Moderator)
Participant PIN YYYYYYY# (Same as Moderator, except omit the Host Password)
Session SIP/Phone? Phone
Session Phone XXX-XXX-XXXX (Same as Moderator)
Session PIN YYYYYYY# (Same as Moderator, except omit the Host Password)


When you're preparing to schedule a meeting, send out your invite in the usual way through your calendaring program (don't use Blackboard Collaborate's integrated meeting invite). Include your default teleconferencing information as appropriate for the meeting participants. Setting this up in advance means that, whenever you start a meeting or event, the teleconferencing information is all configured automatically. Just hit Connect and your teleconference will launch automatically.