Wireless :: Mac OS X Wireless Connection Instructions

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Follow these instructions to configure your Mac to connect to the Humboldt State University Wireless Network.

1. On the menu bar, select AirPort: On and choose HSUWireless

 AirPort menubar with HSUWireless highlighted

If your system is not connecting to the network, you may need to configure your AirPort card for DHCP. Here's how:

2, Choose System Preferences from the Apple menu Apple Menu item.

 Apple Menu with System Preferences highlighted

3. Choose the Network icon.

Cursor pointing to Network icon in System Preferences

4. Click the AirPort button

5. Under TCP/IP - Configure IPv4: choose Using DHCP

6. Click OK

Network preferences panel

7. Return to the menu bar and re-select AirPort: On. The HSUWireless option should now be available.

 AirPort menu from menubar with HSUWirelessV2 highlighted

Now that you're connected, follow the instructions on the Mac OS X Wireless Registration page to register your Mac on the network.