Wireless :: Windows Vista Registration Instructions

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1. Connect to the Campus Wireless Network

Enable wireless networking on your computer and connect to HSUWireless using the icon in your System Tray. A pop-up will appear in your System Tray informing you that additional log on information may be required.

2. Download Client Security Agent (CSA)

Please enter your HSU User Name and Password then select your device type. Click the button to download Client Security Agent (CSA) on your machine.

If you do not know your HSU User Name or password, please see the Account Activation page.

You will be prompted to "Run" or "Save" this application to your system.

3. Save Client Security Agent

Save this file to your system -- your desktop is a convenient location -- so you can execute the application later during the registration process.

Note: Certain file types can may contain malware that will harm your computer, so you may see an additional warning like the one below. Rest assured that we have verified the security status of the CSA, so you can go ahead and click "Run" without risking the security of your system.

4. Run Client Security Agent

Once the download of the application is complete, you will be prompted to "Run", "Open Folder" or "Close". Select "Run" to execute the application and begin the security scan.

If you do not see the message above, please look in the location where you saved the file. You should see the CSA icon. Double-click the icon to start the program.

Vista now prompts you for approval to use or install executable files as an increased security measure. If you are an administrator, you can click "Allow", otherwise you will need to enter an administrator password.

You can see the status bar while the agent is running.

5. Success!

A web page will appear stating that you have successfully registered on the network.
You are now connected to the network and may browse the Internet or use other network services.