Academic Probation Tutorial

The Academic Probation Tutorial is closed from the end of finals until grades are official. Please call the Learning Center with any questions: 707-826-4266.

Welcome to the Academic Probation Tutorial. Here's what we're going to do:

  1. You'll enter your academic information from Student Center and DARS
  2. You'll propose a set of classes that you plan to take in the upcoming semester
  3. We'll email your plan to you, your major advisor, and any other program you designate
  4. We'll release your Academic Probation hold by the end of the next business day after completing this tutorial
  5. You can make any changes to your schedule once your hold is removed

This tutorial should take about 35 minutes to complete. Unless specifically stated, all fields in this tutorial are required.

What is this tutorial about?
The purpose is to let you know about academic rules, regulations, and campus services to help you to make informed decisions for the upcoming semester. Throughout this tutorial, we'll be asking you to provide information about yourself and your academic standing. The tutorial provides specific feedback and recommendations based on the information that you enter.

(for advisors, faculty and staff).

Development note: For previewing, you can enter any value you'd like. When this goes live, there will be an option here to view this tutorial without submitting info (for advisors, faculty, etc.). Please contact Cai Maver,, with any feedback or suggestions.

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Warning: If you are a student, preview mode will prevent your Academic Probation hold from being released.

Preview mode allows you to view the Academic Probation Tutorial without submitting information (ex.: if you're an advisor who wants to see what information is covered in the tutorial). This will enter fake responses on each page and prevent the created Academic Success Plan from being submitted to the Learning Center.