Meet Humboldt

Madison, Charles, and Chelsea know a thing or two about awkward conversations. As HSU’s Clinical Peer Health Educators, they’ve put in hundreds of hours helping students learn about sexual and reproductive health, such as accessing contraceptives and testing for sexually transmitted infections. They design projects, lead workshops and talks, table around campus, and have met one-on-one with nearly 400 patients.

“We increase access and people’s personal tool sets for sexual health. If it’s a service campus doesn’t offer, we’ll help them find it off-campus as well.”

“Sometimes when you ask a student if they want STD information they seem relieved because they’ve been wanting to know more but were too shy to ask. Sexual health revolves around social life, so having educators that are their age means we probably understand the kinds of experiences and relationships they’re in.”

“People are afraid to ask for more services, so we created a vending machine that contains emergency contraceptives. A vending machine can’t judge you.”