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Earth History

Arnica FlowerPlant Evolution

Explore the history of plants. Learn why some plants make cones and other plants make flowers. These activites are a great lead in to understanding the redwood forest.

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life through time image

Life Through Time Exhibit

The Museum's fossils collections comprise one of the great strengths of our exhibits. This series of thirteen display cases illustrates the evolution of the Earth and life from the origin of Earth to the present day.


Learn the story of mammal evolution in North America as illustrated by some fantastic specimens including a complete Archaeotherium skull, mammoth and mastodon teeth and the jaw and teeth of the early horseĀ  Hyracotherium.


fossil focus imageFossil Focus Exhibits

Explore our collections in more detail in cases devoted to one specific group of organisms such as Trilobites, Echinoderms, Plants, Insects, Stromatolites and more.

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Redwood Forest

Redwood ExhibitTake a virtual tour of the history of plant evolution as seen through the redwood forest. Link to our exhibits as well as other education sites to learn more about natural history.

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