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Come visit the HSU Natural History Museum at 1242 G Street, Arcata!

The NHM is closed to support social distancing and slowing the spread of the coronavirus. Please join us on Facebook for updates. Contact us at

Normal hours: Tuesday–Saturday 10 a.m.– 5 p.m.

Admission costs $15 family (2 adults and 4 kids) $6 adults, $3 seniors, students, and kids 3 years old and above. Toddlers are free. Our gift store is a fun place to explore and it is free.

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Wildlife Tracking Workshops with Phil Johnston are delayed. We will update this website when they resume. Please check back with us. You can contact us at natmus@humboldt. edu or go to our Facebook page for the latests posts.


Tracking Workshops:

Cost $25, NHM members $20, seniors and students (w/ID) $15

Phil is a very passionate and skilled senior tracker. During these workshops you learn a lot more than matching animal tracks to a certain species. Information about animal behavior, diet, gait patterns, habitats, and much more are discussed. Your senses will be opened up to the world of our local wildlife. Workshops are limited to 24 people and are geared towards young adults and older.

CyberTracker website:

Phil's website

All NHM Events have been put on hold.

The museum has a new LITTLE FREE LIBRARY donated by Philip and Manette Gerstle in remembrance of Ken Aalto, a retired HSU geology professor who helped map some of our local rocks and was admired in our community.

Little Free Libraries are increasing throughout the state and are a great way to make connections throughout a community.

Feel free to take a book and put one in its place.

SHOP AT OUR UNIQUE STORE: We have lots of new inventory this year from moon telescopes to solar paper. Investigate nature with an easy to use microscope, models, science kits, insect magnifiers, and identification guides. Learn about geology and Earth's fascinating past through fish fossils, shark teeth, dinosaur bones, dinsoaur replicas, and more. We have a variety of interesting and educational books for all ages!

Looking through our shop is always free.

Support the HSU Natural History Museum by becoming a member.You can now become a member or renew your museum membership online. Click here

Natural History Museum Memberships: We have student, individual and senior memberships at bargain rates! At the family level or above ($60) you automatically join the ASTC Passport Program and can get in free to hundreds of other museums and science centers around the country. Please go to the memberships link for more information.

Our honeybees have left for a better home. We think mites drove them out. We hope to get more bees Spring 2020.

Artist: Logan Naylor, HSU art intern through Gallery Studies


Thanks go out to all of the business that supported this event as well as to all of the people who were in attendance and to those that have supported and continue to support the museum over three decades!

Celebrating 30, Looking to 40!

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WISH LIST: We depend on community support. Your financial and item contributions sustain the HSU Natural History Museum for our community. We are a non-profit organization.

  • Portable sink for our classroom.
  • Donated carpentry skills for improving exhibits
  • Bathroom wall cabinet (24"x32 or 36")
  • Custom sign for the south facing museum wall
  • 2" self-standing non-illuminated magnifier
  • lockable 4-drawer filing cabinet
  • rolling wooden stands or custom made wooden stands for heavy specimens (rolling either 12x12" or 12x16")
  • Office supplies such as ink cartridges, laminate, sharpies, foam core, sturdy velcro, and much more!
  • We depend on community support. Monetary donations can be mailed to 1242 G. St., Arcata, CA 95521

    Click here to make an online donation

    Please call the front desk for more information (826.4479)

    Financial contributions are tax deductible and always appreciated!


    SRL The mission of the museum, through its collections, exhibits, and programs, is to inspire an understanding and appreciation of the dynamic natural world. By exploring the museum, we hope visitors are inspired to get out and explore other magical places in northwest California. We also hope to provide a learning laboratory for Humboldt State University students. Please take a tour and send any suggestions to the webmaster.