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Duties and Responsibilities of Academic Personnel Services and Human Resources


APS is now housed under the Office of Academic Affairs and HR is housed under Administrative Affairs.

Retirement Specialists - Consultations, Workshops and HelpDesk


HSU’s Fidelity Retirement Planner, Patricia Miranda and Johnny Chang, a Retirement Specialist from Savings Plus will be on...

Health and Wellness Workshop Series


Optum Rx will be hosting 3 short workshops on different topics concerning health issues; two of which will include free...

Changes in Facilities Management Services


Marc McGowan has accepted the position of Business Services Manager and will begin on Thursday, February 14.

CalPERS Benefits Education Event – March 22 and 23


If you are an early through mid-career CalPERS member and want to learn more about your CalPERS benefits, please attend an...

Survey: Campus Social Media Accounts


Marketing & Communications is currently working to update the campus ...

How to Stop Your Emails Being Classified as Spam


Some areas on campus are finding that internal campus emails are being automatically classified as spam and delivered directly...

Spring 2019 – GI 2025 Student Employment Announcement


Dear HSU Colleagues,

I am pleased to announce that $436,000 in GI 2025 funding has been allocated to directly support...

One Candidate Withdraws from Controller Search


Laura Bulgarelli, who was scheduled to attend an open forum for the position of Controller on Feb. 11, has withdrawn their...


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