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Time to prepare your courses in Canvas for Fall 18

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It’s about that time! Summer is winding down; Fall 18 classes start in less than a month. Now is the time to import course content.  Don’t wait until the August rush!

Your Fall 18 courses should all be on your dashboard. You can select which courses remain on your dashboard by indicating your “favorites” on the course list.  This guide will help you:

Follow this guide to copy a prior semester’s Canvas course to Fall 18 course:

If you need assistance, please contact Academic Technology. The Canvas Support team does have access to Moodle course from Spring 2013 through Summer 2017 and Canvas courses taught in 2016. We can help you get that content.

If you are teaching several sections of the same class, you may want to Cross-list (formerly known as META) those sections.  Use this form to request Cross-listing: One form per request.  You will need the CRNs for the Fall 2018 courses to combine.

Contact Academic Technology at 707-826-4461 or

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