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Professor Helps Reduce Bullying

Bully Magnet—it’s a particularly apt term teens use to describe the unfortunate kids that bear the brunt of schoolyard bullies. Chris Byrne (’80) is intimately acquainted with the phenomenon—in his 22 years as the school psychologist at Sunnybrae Middle School in Arcata, Byrne has seen his fair share of shoving, taunting, groping and the like.

“Some kids just get targeted—no question about it. These adolescent years are tough,” explains Byrne.

HSU Professor Examines Lives of Heavy Metal Groupies, Musicians and Fans

Parents take note: listening to heavy metal or other fringe music may not have as negative an effect on your kids as you may have thought.

HSU psychology professor Tasha R. Howe and her students recently conducted a study comparing adults who listened to heavy metal music in the 1980s to their non-metal loving counterparts.

Perhaps not that surprising: metal heads engaged in riskier behavior as teens. But the silver lining? That lifestyle did not relate to them being any less successful or functional as adults.

From Adolescence to Adulthood