Humboldt State University

Department of Psychology

Responses to Infant Facial Cues

Title: Responses to Infant Facial Cues

Speaker: Amanda Hahn, Ph.D.

Bio: Dr. Hahn is a social neuroendocrinologist. She completed her Master’s in experimental psychology at Western Washington University and received her Doctorate from the University of Saint Andrews in Scotland. She then completed a Post Doctorate at the University of Glasgow working on a European Research Council funded project. She has published in top journals such as Social Neuroscience, American Journal of Human Biology, Personality and Individual differences, and Psychoneuroendocrinology.

Research: Broadly her research focuses on the neurobiological basis of human behavior. She is interested in the biological and cognitive factors that underpin social perceptions, motivated behavior, and in particular the reward value of facial cues. Specifically how adults respond to infant facial cues.