Humboldt State University

Department of Psychology

Social Identity and Impostorism

Title: Social Identity and Impostorism: Understanding and Exploring the Group Dynamics of the Impostor Phenomenon

Speaker: Jessica J. Tomory, M.A.

Bio: Jessica Tomory received her Bachelors from San Francisco State before going to Claremont Graduate University and receiving her Masters’s in Social Psychology. She is working on her doctoral dissertation at Claremont while living in Edmonton, Canada where she works in the psychology department of the University of Alberta. There she teaches a wide range of classes including Abnormal Psychology, Research Methods, Stereotypes and Prejudice, and Personality. Her incredible teaching has been recognized through prestigious awards such as outstanding instructor at the University of Alberta. Jessica has published in journals such as Consciousness & Cognition and Self & Identity. She has co-authored a paper with two of HSU’s very own, Dr. Gaffney and Dr. Gold. She has also presented her work at a number of international conferences. In addition, she is a graduate student editor for Journal of Interpersonal Relations, Intergroup Relations and Identity, which published original articles for undergraduates so they can fully experience the scientific method through the peer review process.

Research: Jessica’s work focuses on group processes and leadership attainment. She works with Social Identity Theory, which is evidenced by her talk that was on the importance of a social identity approach to researching imposter phenomenon.