Humboldt State University

Department of Psychology

Lisa Miller

Lisa Miller
Lecturer & Coordinator of School Psychology Masters Program
BSS #410E
Office Hours: 
T 10:00-11:00 am

I have been a practicing school psychologist since 1988 and an adjunct faculty member in the School Psychology Program since 1996.

While I have countless experiences in conducting all tasks typical of a school psychologist, my greatest interest lies within the professional domain of consultation and collaboration with educators, mental health service providers and other community-based agencies in order to provide a comprehensive system of care for our most academically, emotionally and behaviorally challenged children  residing in the community.

The HSU School Psychology Program is unique in that it offers a variety of practicum placement options for its graduate students over three semesters, under the supervision of both university-based faculty and highly competent site-based school psychologists, many of whom graduated from this program. There exists a cohesive, consistent partnership between local school districts and their student support service personnel to ensure that all students obtain both a depth and breadth of experience to ensure their success at becoming highly skilled and professional school psychologists in the workplace.