Humboldt State University

Department of Psychology

Social Identity and Social Influence Lab

Principal Investigator: Amber M. Gaffney, Ph.D.

Dr. Gaffney is a social psychologist whose research focuses on social identity, group processes, and social influence. Her current work focuses on how prototypical and non-prototypical group members can create and manage uncertainty to enact social change. She researches minority influence, group polarization, leadership, and attitude change from a social identity and self-categorization perspective. In addition, her work examines gender stereotypes, leadership, and prejudice toward both outgroup and ingroup members. Because Dr. Gaffney is particularly interested in political identities and changing political ideology, her work often focuses on social and political issues.


Being a lab member allows you to get hands-on experience working on every stage of research from hypothesis development to presentation of results. Academic and professional development is central to the lab. Every meeting one lab member presents an empirical journal that facilitates that week’s discussion. This enables all members to hone their presentation skills while thinking critically about research.


Lab Managers:
Olivia Kuljian

Natasha LaVogue

Dr. Gaffney
Office: BSS 442

Graduate Lab Members and thesis topic

Natasha La Vogue: Minority Influence, Social Change
Olivia Kuljian: Group Membership Threat
Berkeley Kijsriopas: Leadership
Ben Chu: Slang and Social Identity
Lily Syfers: The Aftermath of Leadership
Stephanie Byers: Gender and Leadership
Bryan Sherburne: Voice and Group Threat
Dennis Estrada: Uncertainty and Political Engagement


Undergraduate Lab Members

Jeffery Beaulieu

Hudson Caceres

Haley Carter

Alex Cruz

Roldan Garcia

Helena Littman

Breanna Scott

Allyson Snipes

Edwin Siefert

Mai Vue