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Tyler Purvis

Tyler Purvis
BSS #410 C
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I was born in Hollywood California and grew up in the San Gabriel Valley in East Los Angeles County. After high school I joined the U.S. Air Force, where I was trained as an electronic warfare systems specialist (radar deception specialist). I began taking college courses while stationed in North Carolina, and eventually earned my Associates in Avionics and then B.A., in psychology. I came to graduate school at Humboldt State University and received my M.A. in Psychology, with a specialization in behavioral neuroscience.

Behavioral neuroscience naturally compliments my background in electronics, for the structure and function of neurological circuitry is similar to that of static electronics. I believe that an understanding of electronic theory and information systems technology facilitates a greater understanding of neurocognition.

Currently, I have been teaching at the university level for 5 years, and in that time have taught nearly a dozen different courses. These include but are not limited to: introduction to psychology, behavioral neuroscience, evolutionary, cognitive, statistics, stress and wellness, and health psychology.

My teaching pedagogy emphasises a multifaceted approach which incorporates research from across the psychological spectrum and other scientific disciplines (i.e. biology, physics, chemistry electronics). I stress a nature and nurture model in lieu of the traditional nature vs nurture model, which I feel is an antiquated premise in modern behavioral science. I am an ardent admirer and defender of science, knowledge, education, and the pursuit of truth.


 Tyler Purvis, M.A. Department of Psychology Humboldt State University