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From the Analytical/Physical Chemistry Lab, c. 1963

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Physical chemistry and analytical chemistry focus on the nature and quantity of substances respectively. This exhibit shows some of the equipment used to explore these properties of matter in our well-equipped teaching labs in the 1960’s. This virtual exhibit includes all of the objects on display in the SA 3rd floor display case as well as additional objects displayed in other cases or web-only. The objects are loosely grouped by measurement type.

Introductory/Historical Essay: From the Analytical/Physical Chemistry Lab, c. 1963 by Richard A. Paselk, curator.

Physical Properties

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Mass, density (or specific gravity = relative density), surface tension, viscosity, melting and freezing point etc. are properties characteristic of substances. Determination of these properties are critical to physical chemistry and are used in analytical chemistry to identify substances. Some of the tools used in these determinations at HSC are displayed and may be accessed below:


thumbnail photo of Ainsworth balance

Optical Instruments

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Supporting Documentation*

Manufacturer Histories

* Additional documents such as instruction manuals, certificates etc. may be accessed via individual instrument page. and/or the Index to Contemporary/Early Instrument Literature.

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