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The Abbe Refractometer

The undated brochure below was probably issued by Adam Hilger, Ltd., London, late 1918.1
The cover of the manual is missing. Pagination begins with the title page, below, followed by a blank page 2 (skipped in this on-line version), with the table of contents being page 3 and a frontspiece illustration as page 4.

1 An essentially identical manual is held by the library of the National Museum ofAmerican History (Smithsonian Institution) in Washington D.C. However, title on the cover (?) of the Smithsonian manual reads "INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE OF THE ABBE REFRACTOMETER WITH DESCRIPTION AND BIBLIOGRAPHY", and at the bottom of the cover: December 1918 / ADAM HILGER LTD. / 75A CAMDEN RD. LONDON. N.W. I Below this are the telegram, telephone, and cable directions.

In the Smithsonian manual the section on the top of page 15, "The use of the dispersion . . . =.03252." is lined out, as the section on the bottom of page 16, "In the following expressions: . . . Table R.", all of page 17, and the section on the top of page 18, "Take again the case . . . =.00963." Accompanying this manual, replacing these sections is a three page supplement: Appendix to Instruction for Use of THE ABBE REFRACTOMETER. / DISPERSION TABLE. dated August 1919.

The Chemical Refractometer

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