University Senate

International Advisory Committee

Alison Holmes, Committee Chair Program Leader, International Studies & Faculty Coordinator, International Education Week 2018
Leslie Anderson, Committee Secretary (Non-voting) Administrative Support Coordinator  
Rosamel Benavides-Garb CSU ACIP Representative & Interim Associate Dean, College of Arts Humanities and Social Sciences  
Kim Comet Director, Risk Management and Safety  
Matthew Dean Chair, World Languages and Cultures  
Alex Hwu Associate Vice President, College of Extended Education & Global Engagement  

Carl Hansen

Dean, College of Extended Education & Global Engagement

Emily Kirsch (Non-voting) International Marketing and Recruitment Coordinator, Center for International Programs  
Ge-Yao Liu Director, Center for International Programs  
Heather Parker Counselor, Financial Aid  
Carlos Sanchez Interim Director, Multicultural Center  
Cyril Oberlander (Non-voting) Dean, University Library  
Clint Rebik Registrar, Office of the Registrar  
Penelope Shaw Coordinator, Study Abroad  
Stephen St. Onge Director, Housing and Residence Life  
Kathy Thornhill Director, Undergraduate Advising, Career Services, Service Learning and Academic Internships  
Craig Wruck Vice President, University Advancement  
Mary Glenn Interim Vice Provost  
Vacant Undergraduate Student 2017
Kevin Fingerman CNRS Faculty 2018
Paola Rodriguez Hidalgo CNRS Faculty 2019
Suzanne Pasztor CAHSS Faculty 2019
Joshua Frye CAHSS Faculty 2019
Young Sub Kwon CPS Faculty 2020
Sarita Ray Chaudhury CPS Faculty 2018
Academic Council for International Programs, CSU Representative
Faculty coordinator for International Education Week (IEW)
Director, HSU International Center
Study Abroad Advisor
Director, Contracts, Procurement and Risk Management (or designee)
Director, Housing and Dining (or designee)
Dean, Extended Education
Special Programs Coordinator, Office of Extended Education
Director, Financial Aid (or designee)
Director, International English Language Institute
Director, Multicultural Center (or designee)
Vice President, University Advancement (or designee)
Chair, Director of World Languages and Cultures (or designee)
Program Leader, International Studies
Representative, Career Center
Student Representative, Undergraduate
University Registrar (or designee)
Six faculty members, appointed to three-year terms by the Appointments and Elections Committee, with attention to distribution across the Colleges and the University Library
Additional faculty and staff depending on interests, welcome upon application to the Chair (Non-voting members)
Duties: Provides advisory support for, and promotes programs and initiatives that foster international educational opportunities for the campus community, including (1) maintenance of the HSU International Center, (2) recruitment of international students and faculty, (3) the establishment and maintenance of faculty-led international programs, international student and faculty exchanges and international bilateral programs, and (4) the development of on-campus educational opportunities related to international education.  Advises the campus community regarding international programs and international educational opportunities.  Subcommittees are the International Education Week Committee, the International Programs Review Committee, and the International Admissions Advisory Committee. The Director of the HSU International Center (a committee member) reports committee business to the Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs.   [Revised by Committee, Spring 2011]  
Chair: Elected from membership for a two-year term
Type: Administrative
Meetings: First Monday of every month from 12:00-1:00 pm
Humboldt State University