University Senate

University Resources and Planning Committee (URPC)

Co-Chair, Provost and VP for Academic Affairs

Ex-officio Alexander Enyedi Office of Academic Affairs                     

Co-Chair Faculty Senator     

2018    Mark Rizzardi Mathematics


2018 Erick Eschker Economics


2018 Hari Singh School of Business


2019 James Woglom Art



Kacie Flynn           

Sponsored Programs Foundation


2019 Sarah Bacio Sponsored Programs Foundation

Interim VP for Administrative Affairs

Ex-officio Douglas Dawes Administrative Affairs

Interim VP for Student Affairs

Ex-officio W. Wayne Brumfield Student Affairs

VP for University Advancement

Ex-officio Craig Wruck University Advancement

Dean Representative

n/a Cyril Oberlander University Library


2018 Joey Mularky Associated Students


2017 Vacant Associated Students
3 Faculty members (w/preference given to Faculty Senators), appointed by AEC
1 Academic Dean, appointed by the President
Vice President, Enrollment Management and Student Affairs (or designee)
Vice President, Administrative Affairs (or designee)
Vice President, University Advancement (or designee)
2 Staff delegates, appointed by AEC, w/preference given to staff senators
2 Student delegates, appointed by Associated Students

Advisors, Non-voting: 

University Budget Director
Budget Analyst from each Division
Terms of appointed and elected positions shall be 2 years.
Duties: See Senate Bylaws, Section 11.3
Co-Chairs: Faculty Senator, elected by the University Senate, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
Type: Standing Committee of the University Senate
Meetings: As needed


Humboldt State University