University Senate

Parking and Transportation Committee

Facilities Management, Committee Chair TallChief Comet Non-voting
Chief of Police Donn Peterson Ex-officio
Student Disabilities Resource Center Kevin O'Brien Ex-officio
Contracts, Procurement & Risk Management Tawny Fleming Ex-officio
Housing Stephen St. Onge Ex-officio
University Center Dave Nakamura Ex-officio
Business Services Carol Lorentzen Ex-officio
Student Vacant 2018
Student Vacant 2018
Faculty Cutcha Risling Baldy 2018
Faculty Eric Van Duzer 2018
Staff, non-MPP Morgan King 2016
Committee Chair:
Associate Vice President, Facilities Management (Non-voting)
Ex Officio:
Associate Vice President, Facilities Management (non-voting)
Chief of Police
Director, Student Disability Resource Center
Director, Contracts, Procurement & Risk Management or designee
Director, Housing or designee
Executive Director, University Center or designee
Associate Vice President, Business Services or designee
Two Faculty Representatives as Appointed by the University Senate Appointments and Elections Committee
Staff Member (non-management) as Appointed by Staff Council
Two Student Representatives as Appointed by Associated Students
The Committee serves as a forum for parking and transportation issues. The Committee receives input, evaluates parking and transportation strategies, develops and recommends policies and procedures for adoption, makes other recommendations for action to the President, and implements strategies as directed by the President.
Administrative, reports to the President
Terms and Appointments:
Once per semester with additional meetings as determined by the committee Chair
Humboldt State University