University Senate

Student Fee Advisory Committee

Wayne Brumfield Administrator  
Jennifer Maguire Faculty 2019
Joey Mularky Chair, AS President  
Vacant  Student  
Vacant Student  
Vacant  Student  
President, Associated Students (or designee)
Three students appointed by the Associated Students serving staggered two-year terms
Director, Fiscal Affairs
One administrator, appointed by the President
One faculty member, appointed by the Appointments and Elections Committee (2-year term)
Ex Officio,             
Nonvoting: General Manager,  Associated Students
Duties: Advise the President regarding the establishment and adjustment of all campus mandatory, user and penalty fees in accordance with the provisions of the Chancellor's Executive Order 740.   (See Executive Memorandum P01-5)
Chair: A student member of the committee appointed by the President yearly
Type: Administrative
Meetings: As needed


Humboldt State University