University Senate

Student Grievance Committee

Kathy Thornhill Student Grievance Coordinator 2017
Sondra Schwetman Faculty, CAHSS 2020
Mark Rizzardi Faculty, CNRS 2019
Tasha Howe Faculty, CPS 2018
Summer Turner Staff 2018
Vacant Undergraduate Student  
Vacant Undergraduate Student  
Vacant Graduate Student  
Mary Glenn Interim Vice Provost, Ex-Officio  
Three faculty, one from each college, appointed by the Appointments and Elections Committee (3-year staggered terms)
Three students (preferably one graduate student), appointed by the Associated Students (1-year terms)
One staff member, appointed by the President (3-year term)
One Student Grievance Coordinator, appointed by the President (3-year term)
Vice Provost and Dean of Undergraduate and Graduate Studies.
Duties: Deals with grievances regarding academic issues and other issues not related to discrimination or misconduct.  (See UML 00-01)
Chair: Elected annually from among faculty and staff members; also applies to Vice Chair, who serves in place of chair if absent or if chair has conflict of interest.
Type: University
Meetings: As needed


Humboldt State University