Gnomes and Nature

Got Gnomes? Need Nature?

Standing Gnome     

For $5.00, Staff Council will deliver Gnomes or Nature to someone's office for a special occasion, as acknowledgement for the work they do, or just for fun! They will receive a note explaining the service, who sent them the scene, and instructions on how to send gnomes or nature someone else. The scene will stay in the designated office for approximately one week before travelling on to the next office.

To Gnome or Nature someone, please complete the Application. Make payment at the Gift Processing counter on the second floor of the Student Business Services building and let them know the payment is for Staff Council gnoming. Shortly after payment someone from Staff Council will contact you with the assigned delivery date.

If you request a specific delivery date, we will try our best to accommodate your first-choice, but cannot guarantee availability. Our scenes are typically booked a month out, so submit your application as soon as possible.


Gnomes and Nature Pictures