About Staff Council

Your Representatives

The voting members of Staff Council consist of elected members from the four divisions of the university: University Advancement, Academic Affairs, Student Affairs and Administrative Affairs. If there is a vacancy, the appointment may be filled for a term of one year or until the next selection process. If you would like to contact Staff Council as a group you can email us at StaffCouncil@humboldt.edu or you can contact individual members below.
Name Position Department Term Expires

Seth Bradley


Staff Council President Dean of Students


Morgan Barker

Vice President College of eLearning & Extended Education 2016

Jenn Soderfelt

Secretary International Center 2016

Amie Rodriguez

Treasurer Diversity & Inclusion 2016

Roger Wang

  Housing & Dining Services 2016

Emily Kirsch

  International Center 2016

Sarah Bacio


  Student Retention 2016

Shannon Berge

Fundraising Chair Learning Center 2016

Jennifer Corgiat

Governance Chair Retention and Inclusive Student Success 2016

Mason Long

  ITS User Support 2016

Tania Marin

Recruitment Chair EOP/Student Support Services 2016

Samantha Pace

Service Projects Chair Housing & Dining Services 2018
Pamela Flores   Learning Center  2018

Terri Georgopoulos

  College of eLearning & Extended Education 2018

Elias Pence

  TRIO Programs 2018

Mona Mazotti

  MultiCultural Center 2018

Betsy Wilson

  Children's Center 2018
Courtney Koors   Psychology 2018

Yocelyn Gomez-Garcia

  EOP/Student Support Services 2018