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Third Street Gallery Entrance

Founded in 1998 as Humboldt State University First Street Gallery, the gallery moved in 2016 to a new facility and address, changing its name to Humboldt State University Third Street Gallery.  The gallery blends educational curriculum and student involvement with service to the local community. Third Street Gallery organizes and presents exhibitions with a special focus on contemporary art and receives over 26,000 visitors a year.


Eureka Waterfront

Third Street Gallery is situated in a locale that is popular with residents and tourists alike, the historic Old Town waterfront district of Eureka, California. Situated 7 miles from the main Humboldt State campus, Third Street Gallery extends HSU’s nationally recognized learning environment into the heart of California’s North Coast community.  The gallery stimulates community awareness of the visual arts through exposure to art exhibitions and art forms previously unavailable to this region. As a community resource Third Street Gallery creates innovative, new partnerships, develops local arts education initiatives, and contributes to regional economic growth in the arts and culture sector. The gallery’s exhibitions and public programs also highlight the work of distinguished visiting, regional, faculty, alumni and student artists.


HSU Third Street Gallery’s Mission

The mission of the arts in education derives from their special modes of thinking and contributions to human experience and achievement. Often transcending verbal, scientific and mathematical conventions, the arts involve unique ways of knowing, understanding, expressing, communicating, and creating. To that end, HSU Third Street Gallery’s mission is:


Art Education StudentsTo provide HSU students enrolled in the Museum and Galleries Practices Certificate Program with opportunities to learn firsthand about producing, designing and curating art exhibits. Third Street Gallery provides these students with real world, industry-standard, methods and techniques in museum/gallery management.

In support of the Humboldt State Strategic Plan’s vision and goals, the gallery will contribute to the University’s regional leadership in the Arts; The gallery will strengthen partnerships with local communities.



Visitors view Ingrid NickelsenAs mandated by the College of Arts Humanities and Social Sciences, the gallery has adopted two annual exhibition themes, which are designed to provide long-term support for the University's Strategic Plan.  These are annual exhibitions, interdisciplinary in nature, which variously address the subjects of social justice, diversity, the Earth's environment, its natural resources, environmental responsibility and action. 

To furnish HSU Art Education students with a Service Learning resource as they instruct community students, K-12, using gallery exhibitions in support of their curricular goals.

To provide to the public and to the university exhibitions of art made outside of our region.  To introduce artists and art forms that may be unfamiliar in our community.  To exhibit emerging regional artists. 


Visitors view Lien TruongTo create free public exhibitions formed in a critical context, which means that the material on view will be interpreted for the viewer in light of issues significant to an interdisciplinary understanding of our times and our global cultures, sciences and politics.

To stimulate active public awareness, support and participation in the arts.

To provide a publicly accessible venue for art made by regional, national and international artists as well as the faculty, staff, students and alumni of Humboldt State University.


Public Programs

Visiting Artists Program

Visiting artists Tamako Shimizu and Shinzaburo Takeda

Since the gallery was opened in 1998, the gallery has undertaken, as its special mission, to bring artists from other regions to California’s North Coast. Here, artists from all over the United States, and from other nations, come to share their art and to enrich our understanding of the world beyond our immediate community.  Through this program, HSU Third Street Gallery has developed a reputation in the larger art world as a serious and professional venue in which to exhibit art.

Visiting artists Tamako Shimizu and Shinzaburo Takeda


Artist Norman Sherfield demonstrates his sculptural technique

Featured artists are invited to the HSU campus and to Third Street Gallery to present lectures and workshops open to students and community members alike. The series provides our community with a distinct cultural experience of art as well as the opportunity to explore art projects and arts-based learning experiences that promote community development, social change and understanding of a variety of art forms.

Artist Norman Sherfield demonstrates his sculptural technique





Arts Alive - A Popular Monthly EventOn the first Saturday of each month, come join us in our public receptions for the artists who enrich the life of our community. The quality of life, and therefore the economic well-being of California’s North Coast, is enhanced by the presence of this robust and vital arts program.







Art & Environment

Art & Environment- Montana Legacy-Old Works #3, 2001 Chromogenic print by Mark Abrahamson

Since 1999, the gallery has run a series of exhibitions that highlight environmental issues as the subject examined by a variety of artists. The artists chosen to participate in this series incorporate themes that examine the scientific, social, political and aesthetic dimensions of diverse, environmentally related subjects. The Art & Environment Series is designed to consider the broad intersection of the arts and such subjects as interpretation of the landscape, sustainable industries, watershed and land management issues, native stewardship and new and challenging developments in the environmental sciences—to name a few.

Art & Environment- Montana Legacy-Old Works #3, 2001
Chromogenic print by Mark Abrahamson





Freedom of Speech 

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