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Graduate Students

MS candidates in the ‘Black Lab’ ask questions from an evolutionary perspective contributing to journals like Animal Behaviour, Behavioral Ecology, Ethology, Journal of Wildlife Management, Northwestern Naturalist, and Wildfowl.

If you like the look of our long-term studies and want to pursue MS research then let me know what you would like to study and why. The most successful applicants impress me with a 1-2 page pre-proposal, outlining a research question (including problem/phenomenon, hypotheses, methods), when sending their letter of interest and Curriculum Vitae. Send these items to me in an email prior to submitting a formal application to the university (See CNRS Graduate Studies).

Current & Previous Graduate Students

Wildlife Graduate Student Society


Candidates should be prepared to organize finances for their own tuition and costs of living (for 2-3 years). MS candidates in our program may apply to work in the wildlife Game Pens or as a graduate assistant in wildlife course labs.

Application Procedures

To learn about the university application process for graduate studies go to Humboldt Graduate Studies.

Be sure to view the graduate students' web site!