Prospective Students

Prospective students face many challenging questions. What discipline should be your major? Should you consider becoming a wildlife biologist? To what schools should you apply? Should you consider Humboldt? If you love the outdoors, wish to study animals, and want to contribute to conservation and management, then you should definitely consider HSU wildlife! See our undergraduate and graduate programs for details about attending HSU for a B.S. or M.S. degree. The links below can help you understand what wildlife biologists do, where they are employed, and why HSU wildlife provides an excellent education.

Graduate student information and application procedures

Current Students

Extra-curricular Wildlife Activities

Photo: Graduate student holding hawk Conservation Unlimited
Conservation Unlimited is primarily a student wildlife & fisheries club with an emphasis on all aspects of the conservation of natural resources. This group sponsors conservation projects of various types and helps to coordinate with other professional organizations like The American Fisheries Society & The Wildlife Society . They also sponsor the Wildlife & Fisheries Conclave. This club is open to anyone (student, faculty, or community members) that has an interest in the conservation of natural resources.

Photo: Graduate student tending to sedated bear Wildlife Graduate Students Student Society (WiGSS)
WiGSS was created in the fall of 1999 to provide a forum for the discussion of ideas and issues pertinent to the wildlife graduate program at Humboldt, and to serve as a resource for academic and local communities. We consider all classified graduate students of Humboldt's Wildlife Department to be members of WiGSS. However, all students in the department are open to attend and participate in our functions.


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