Family PACT


  • Family PACT has seen recent changes (e.g., in medication and testing related to STD, UTI, pap screen, GYN) so there will most likely be new charges.
  • Clinic visits will continue to be free to students. Most birth control methods for men and women will remain free under Family PACT.
  • Be sure to talk with your provider about potential charges when you come in for your Family PACT appointment.

The Student Health Center is now providing Family PACT reproductive health services. This state and federal program provides services for contraception, STD, women's annual exams, urinary tract infections, some labs and immunizations. Eligible students (if signed up for Affordable Care Act, students are NOT eligible for Family PACT) may sign up - for more information, contact the Student Health Center (826-3146).

Please review the eligibility screening. If you feel you qualify, please fill out the client eligibility certificate and bring it with you to the Health Center. The receptionist will validate if you're eligible and enroll you in the program, at which time we will issue you the Family Pact Health Identification Card.