Labs :: Software Requests

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When you schedule time in a Humboldt State University computing lab, you'll need to make sure that the software you need will also be installed and available at your scheduled time and facility. Your department coordinator can help you to determine what is available. If you need to request additional software, use the ITS Lab/Smart Classroom Software Request Form and submit it with your scheduling request so your software installation can be scheduled for the correct facility.

Once your scheduled facility has been confirmed by your department coordinator, submit your software, license, installation instructions, and contact information to Information Technology Services.

Software request deadlines

Summer deadline is May 11, Fall deadline is June 1, Spring deadline is November 15.

Submit requests with the ITS Lab/Smart Classroom Software Request Form

If you have not received your schedule confirmation one week prior to the deadlines above, contact your department coordinator immediately.

Software compatibility

While we make every effort to fulfill software installation requests, occasionally we must deny a request for software that is incompatible with our systems, requires unsupported privileges, or has damaging effects to our production environment. Here are some issues that can cause software to be considered incompatible and ineligible for installation:

  • software is too old or requires outdated, insecure, or otherwise unstable version(s) of another application or operating system
  • software licensed usage cannot be maintained
  • software is a beta version
  • software use requires write/delete privileges on servers or local operating systems
  • software has a detrimental effect on other production software
  • software is excessively demanding of system resources, including networking resources
  • software use violates any existing law, such as copyrights, or Federal Education Acts
  • software installation or use violates University policy

ITS will work with you to find eligible alternatives should software requests initially prove ineligible.

Software testing

ITS will let you know when and where you can test your prototype software installation. There will also be times during the week before term starts when you can test your software in your scheduled facility. If you are unsure how to get started, call Media and Facilities at (707) 826-3166.