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photo: Ruth Saunders

Phone: (707) 826-3251
Office: Science A 466B
Email: Ruth.Saunders@humboldt.edu

Ruth Saunders, Assistant Professor

Physics, Carbon Nanotubes, ZnO Nanowires, Networks, Computer modeling

Academic Background
Summary of Research

Scientific study of the Nano scale has produced a huge range of applications, in fields as diverse as biotechnology, surface science and semiconductor physics. Research into semiconductor nanowires offers exciting opportunities to address fundamental questions of physics - concerning their nucleation and crystal structure - with potential for innovative and cutting edge applications.

My work in this field combines theory and experiment; I have conducted computational modeling and experimentation as well as working with an experimentalist to verify my models. I feel that the work in each area informs the other dramatically, lending useful insights and allowing my research to develop in an organic and dynamic fashion that strengthens its rigor.

This work is, by its nature, interdisciplinary, using techniques from chemical physics and computer science, to refine the physics. My work provides ample opportunities for undergraduate involvement with students from different backgrounds and at different points in their college education.

Sample Publications