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Dear Colleagues:

We are pleased to announce that a living document we’re calling the “Blueprint for Strategic Plan Implementation” has been created by the Strategic Plan Coordinating Committee. This document, which was shared with the Strategic Planning Oversight Committee and the University Senate in the last few days, will help facilitate the implementation of our strategic plan. It uses standardized language to describe four levels of plan items that are nested: goals, outcomes/sub-outcomes, objectives, and tasks. (See the presentation about the blueprint that was provided to the University Senate.)

>>View Blueprint<<

We would also like to solicit your help. As an institution, we need to be rigorous in our assessment of our opportunities and challenges, and we can do that best when as many people as possible participate. Implementation activities are happening in every corner of our University, and we hope that we are able to capture not only your voices, but also your talents and expertise in implementing realizing the goals in this plan. Please see the strategic plan implementation website to provide feedback and also to volunteer for opportunities to contribute.

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The Strategic Plan Implementation website contains frequently updated announcements about initiatives that are planned, underway, or completed. We also have multiple opportunities in which you can participate in plan implementation and provide feedback, including a town hall gathering at the end of the semester.

We have a bold plan that, if implemented well, will strongly position our University for the future. Our plan not only describes who we are, but what we will do to enhance our students’ experiences on our campus. Thus, we hope that the implementation of the plan continues in the way it started – maintaining an inclusive and transparent process.

We would like to extend our sincere gratitude to all of the individuals across our communities who have participated in this work, and we would especially like to thank Dr. Noah Zerbe, outgoing University Senate Chair, for his dedication and diligence in helping develop the plan.

With best wishes,

Lisa A. Rossbacher, Ph.D.

Julia Alderson, Ph.D.
Chair of the University Senate and Professor of Art History

Humboldt State University